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Countryside haven

Nestled in the rural Canada, this singe family residence ranch style home is designed with integration of ancient Vastu Shastra principles and modern living. 

A welcoming porch adorned with wood columns and a vaulted gable entry way invites you into a space designed for a lifetime of comfort and joy. 

The kitchen features an accent wall with a brick arch, seamlessly blending rustic charm with contemporary sophistication. The open-concept two story living and dining room area bathes the space in natural light from the windows, establishing a connection with the natural outdoor environment. 

With five thoughtfully designed bedrooms, each family member has their own personal sanctuary.

Each space has been designed to maximize the positive effects of Vastu Shastra principles, ensuring the overall design harmoniously aligns with the energy of the home. 


Single Family Residential Home


Ontario, Canada


Currently in Schematic Design

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